The property was built in Dec. 2005. We've owned and lived in it ever since. The neighborhood is a very safe and friendly. I'm not sure how old your child is, but we have playgrounds on every couple of blocks. It's a two level townhouse without a basement. On the main level we have the family room, kitchen/dinning room and 1/2 bath. The second level you'll find 2 bedrooms + master-suite, sitting loft, and laundry room. We have 2 baths on the second level one is connected to the master-suite and the other is located right next to the 2 bedrooms. Our townhouse has many upgrades this includes stainless steel appliances, corain countertops, ceramic tile, and front loading washer/dryer. All of our appliances are energy efficient to save on the pocket book. It is a very comfortable home. My husband and I are very laid back landlords. Renters are welcome to paint the rooms to add there personal touch.